Gathering Accommodations and What to Bring

The IMEN Gathering is held in a spacious campground in rural Maryland.  You will be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sunlight and walking on grass and gravel.  Bring plenty of footwear for walking on rough and unfamiliar terrain.  You will want to bring a hat or visor and sunglasses and plenty of sun block.  At night, you may want a flashlight to help you get around.

You will be rooming in NON-air-conditioned cabins, usually with around 7 other men.  You will be supplied a twin-size bed.  The beds have a Tempur-Pedic mattress, but you will need to bring your own bedding*, in the form of sheets, pillow(s) and blanket(s) or sleeping bag.  It will be warm during the day, but it can also be warm in the cabins at night.  Consider bringing a small electric fan with you for your own comfort.

Bring your own bath towels and toiletries.  For hygienic and comfort reasons, bring something to sit on in the dining hall and evening events. Small hand towels work well. Metal chairs can become surprisingly cool. 

You should only need cash to:  (a) purchasing items at the Flea Market, (b) purchasing raffle tickets, (c) playing Bingo, or (d) contributing toward the IMEN collection for the staff (“Thank You”) near the end of the Gathering.  The Camp staff is one of the reasons our gathering venue is such a great place – they take such good care of us!



Gathering Confirmation and directions Flashlight for walking at night
Towels for pool, showers and general use Hat for walking in the sun
Towels to sit on Extension cord(s) for cabin
*Bedding(Twin single, deep sided sheets)* 
(Tempurpedic  mattresses)
Portable radio/CD player/iPOD, etc and earphones
Personal toiletries, including shaving kit,
toothbrush and paste, soap, shampoo, etc.
Alarm clock, clock for cabin
Sunglasses Cabin decorations
Sun block and after-sun lotions

Personal bar

Personal prescriptions Snacks (also provided at camp)
Notebook and pen

Theme Party Costumes and Props

Shoes, sandals, shower shoes or clogs
(and clean dry socks)
Lounge Chairs (for cabin use, not pool)
Umbrella, poncho, raincoat or other rain gear Athletic equipment (not just jock straps)

Earplugs (you may be rooming with
someone who snores!)

Club Banner and handouts, if a local club member
Antiseptics and band-aids Special equipment/handouts, etc, if you will be
leading or participating in a Workshop
Insect repellent Portable fan
Lube Cabin Decorations
Condoms (Some Regular and Extra LARGE
condoms will be provided)
AND any other thing(s) you think you might need!