More than 300 guys attend IMEN each year.   The Ramblewood Eagle was created to allow members into leather to unite with each other to have a special play area, attend nearly 40 hours of classes on kink topics of interest to naturists in leather led by Leather Werks, and to unite with one another.  We have members that register to stay in Garrison, a special cabin that gives 24 hour access to the dungeon, and others that register as non-residents of Garrison.  These non-residents will have limited timeframes each day to explore the pleasures of the dungeon.

Some classes that have been offered in the past but not limited to are:

  • Intro to Fisting
  • Intro to Leather/Kink/Fetish Play
  • Flogging 101:  Fundamentals Of Flagellation
  • Bondage for beginners
  • Cock and Ball Bondage
  • Intro To Paddles And Impact Play
  • Intro To Rope Bondage
  • Decorative Rope Harness
  • Intro to CBT/TT
  • Flogging 201:  Florentine
  • Electrical Play
  • And many more…..

Class sizes are limited so it’s best to sign-up early.  Sign-up is always in the Leather Werks store.

While you’re there, check out the new items that Leather Werks has decided to bring with them this year.

Visit Leather Werks store if you're interested in purchasing some new leather.  If you place the order, they can bring it with them to camp.   Click Here to visit their website.