WHEN IS IMEN?     IMEN is July 12-21, 2024.   You can register for 1-9 days!   If you fine you want more after the first day or two, we allow you to add more time to your registrations!

WHAT HAPPENS AT IMEN?     More fun than you can imagine happens at IMEN! We have over 300 men that attend our gathering and we continue to grow. We add new activities each year! We try to keep our rates as low as possible so YOU, our members, can afford them.


WHAT IS A TYPICAL DAY LIKE AT IMEN?     That varies person to person because there is always something going on.  To name some of the activities, we have morning hikes to the Susquehanna River, Yoga, Stretching, volleyball, workshops, lounging at the pool, card games, massages, and so much more.  In there afternoon, there is a water slide, nature walks, movies, cabin parties, pool volleyball, pickle ball, corn hole, Bocce, ball shaving, more workshops and discussions, afternoon Happy Hour Party, etc.  In the evenings, the fun continues with croquet, square dancing, nightly Shenanigans club, dance barn contests, ice cream social, bingo, etc, etc, etc.  There is just to much to list.

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED?   Most of our members want to be involved in the gathering one way or another.  There is always opportunies to volunteer, lead workshops, participate and just have fun.  The key is to register for the gathering first and then write to us!  Have ideas to improve the gathering or bring new activities?  Let us know!


WANT TO KNOW MORE?  HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?     We are a volunteer organization that does this to bring joy to men of all ages.  If you have questions; we have answers.  If we don't know the answers, we will find out for you.   We gives rebate cash $$$ if you get your friends to join us  We will be sending constant emails to update everyone throughout the year about gathering preparations, themes, dance themes, etc.   GET READY FOR THIS UPCOMING SUMMER!   LIVE NOW!


ONE LAST THOUGHT....     Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us.   LIVE NOW!  Interested to find out more?  Click on 'The Gathering' tab above to get more information.   Still have questions?  Email us!!!

We hope to see YOU at the next IMEN Gathering!  Live naked!!!!