All you need to do to grab that $50.00 cash prize is get witty and dress for the theme of the day!

Get those costumes together!  We give a daily cash prize for the best costume to match the daily theme.  This year's happy hour themes are:

Sunday: A Day At The Circus
Monday: Walk Like An Egyptian
Tuesday: The Roaring 20s
Wednesday: Red Dress Day
Thursday: Hot Men In Leather
Friday: Mardi Gras
Saturday: Barbie & Ken






The Judges will take a detailed look at all features of every costumed person who presents himself for judging.

The Judges will note whether the costume is/or appears to be commercially purchased or a homemade/handmade “original” creation.  An original costume requires more creative thinking, time and effort. 

The Judges will look for authenticity when viewing costumes:  Example:  If someone made a costume of the Joker from “The Dark Knight,” judges will observe to determine the accuracy of the costume.  Does it include gloves, proper makeup and hairstyle? These will be important to consider in determining originality. 

The Judges will note their impressions of the costume and what has really wowed them and then discuss their notes and opinions in determining which costume has earned the $50 cash prize. 

In the event the judges are unable to reach a unanimous decision to determine one winner or a unanimous decision to split the prize, audience applause will determine the winner(s).