29th Annual IMEN Gathering July 12-21, 2024

 **The IMEN Gathering will include two additional days (July  12 & 13) which will include all camp amenities and meals for both days at the reduced rate of $100.00 per day.

If you register to attend the pre-gathering days, these will be “bare bones" relaxing, non-event, no activities, lay around the pool days. We plan to have a modified “Happy Hour” with limited snacks as opposed to the full two-table buffet we normally have. We plan to have the Open Bar available and music provided by our DJ. We also hope to possibly have Shenanigans open no later than Saturday evening. The Disco Barn function has yet to be determined.

  Those who have already registered and would like to also attend either or both of the additional days, contact us via: [email protected] to receive a special link on our website to pay online, or, you may mail payment to our PO Box address: IMEN, P.O. Box 578, Rising Sun, Maryland 21911.**


You may attend our regular IMEN Gathering (July 14th - 16th) for any number of days (one to seven) at the rate of $120.00 per day. Just consider what the daily rate covers:

Lodging, 3 great meals per day, all you wish to drink….be it water, sodas, beer, liquor (at specified times/events)….daily themed "Happy Hour" parties with an enormous buffet of fruit platters, veggie platters, cheese platters, nuts, chips, crackers, cookies, more….an Open Bar, along with a Margarita/Smoothie Machine AND a $50.00 daily cash prize awarded for the most appropriate / original costume related to the day's theme. There are few, if any, better complete vacation accommodation packages available. That’s a GOOD DEAL!!

Our annual gatherings are held at campgrounds located in northeastern Harford County, Darlington, Maryland.  Enjoy days of relaxation sitting in the tree shaded areas and chatting with new and old friends or lying in the sun in a lounge chair by the pool or dive into the pool for a cool, refreshing swim or take a walk along the nature trails. There are so many choices, but you are in charge of your vacation…….do as much or as little as you choose. In other words, total carefree, liberated relaxation.

Fun interactive group activities and games occur throughout each day. Volleyball is very popular. Some of us, who may still enjoy tapping into the "kid" that still lurks within us, have lots of fun by playing on the Water Slide, participating in the Pudding Battle, and..... there will be a new surprise event this year. Also…..a Foam Party will happen at least twice during the week. Numerous workshops are scheduled relating to lots of varied/interesting subjects such as Massages, Yoga, Gay Travel, "Gone with the Wind" lecture, Line Dancing, 2-Step Dancing, Men's Health Workshops, etc., etc. Leather Werks will again be presenting classes.  There are just too many to mention here.

For those who bring items to sell or want to purchase items at our Craft Fair, this will be a daily event in the Pool / Breezeway Area.

In the evening hours, there is always the choice of a movie, Bingo, Ice Cream Social and, of course, Shenanigans (the nightly IMEN Hangout) for socializing, snacking on Pop Corn, Hot Dogs, other varied snacks while enjoying the nightly drink of the evening. Then, step into the Dance Barn to enjoy the laser light and video show while dancing those sandals off to the mixes of our DJ guy.  You can also wander down to the lake for our nightly Camp Fire!

We plan throughout the entire year to provide you with the most fun-filled "bang for your buck" vacation that we can possibly imagine. So, as we always say, REGISTER SOON, then pack-up your bare necessities and join us for a fun-filled experience.

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If your have not attended an IMEN Gathering, 
here are a few past highlights!



Hundreds of our naturist "brothers" from all over the world attend for a week of naked camaraderie and relaxed fun.   Along with group cabins for housing and limitless tenting areas, there is a large recreation hall/auditorium, an open-air pavilion and other meeting facilities throughout the grounds The spacious dining hall, situated on a hillside in the center of the camp overlooks the swimming pool. In addition,there are several volleyball and tennis courts as well as nature trails, an amphitheater and a picturesque lake area.



All gathering attendees bunk in group cabins (with electricity, indoor plumbing, hot showers, and ceiling fans), scattered throughout the campground. Those who wish to not lodge in one of the cabins may camp in their own tent or RV (no hook-ups). Beginning with an evening dinner on the day of your arrival and ending with breakfast on your last morning, you will be served three meals a day (with an alternate selection for vegetarians), prepared by a professional chef and a friendly kitchen staff. In addition, all beverages (coffee, bottled water, juice, soda, beer, and wine) are provided.



After your arrival at camp, you need not worry about a thing other than deciding which activities and workshops in which you may wish to participate. Just remove your worldly cares along with your clothes and enjoy the week. Almost everything you need for a fun-filled, totally nude vacation is provided. You will, of course, need to bring your toiletries and your bedding. All the beds are twin size with deep TempurPedic mattresses.  Also, you  may want to bring some spending money to purchase raffle tickets (for some really nice prizes) or maybe make a purchase at the members' Craft Fair/Flea Market. 




The Gathering week includes many special activities and workshops which vary from year to year.  Standard activities are usually body painting, the pudding battle, the gay gaymes, oil wrestling, bingo, the talent show, a crafts fair/flea market, massage classes, aerobics, and many more instructional workshops.  Other events offered throughout the week include the Mr. IMEN, MR IMEN Leather, Mr IMEN Silver Fox, Bare-Bear and Best Buns Contests.  Evening fun includes nightly movies, nightly dance parties in conjuction with hanging-out at Shenanigans, square dancing and the traditional nightly campfire.



The ever-popular cocktail "Happy Hour" theme parties are always a riot with  guys donning their (optional) costumes. The fun is in creating a unique costume that fits the daily theme. As always, the guys rise to the challenge!  The payoff is, each day, a cash prize goes to a winner for the best theme interpretation.  Whether you decide to wear a costume to all or none of the daily happy hour cocktail parties, you will no doubt enjoy the great food along with the camaraderie, socializing and laughter that takes place in the open air pavilion during these wonderful late afternoon parties.

Our gathering site, located in a park-like setting in rolling hills, accommodates 450 campers housed in cabins.  There is space for unlimited tent campers.  We hope that you will consider joining us for this truly wonderful and unique event. It is bound to be the highlight of your summer! 



A good question.  There are lots of reasons.  Here are some of ours:

  • Recreation, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

  • Guys are nicer when they're naked. They are friendlier, less aggressive, more agreeable and open. They really do have less to hide.

  • It's a little silly. Shared silliness helps to break the ice, and so the guys enjoy themselves more. We have a lot of fun at our events.

  • It helps overcome shame. Many men are terrified of being seen naked by others. Overcoming that shame and fear boosts your self-confidence and opens you up to more of the joys of life. It's a concrete way to tell yourself and the world that you will not be limited by your fears.

  • It's fun to look at naked MEN. Obviously. :-)

  • It feels great! You feel everything so much more intensely. It's a delightful sensual experience. Try it. Just DO IT!

  • Nudism teaches you to be accepting. Seeing the flaws and imperfections in others helps us to accept our own.

  • Being naked is fun and good for the soul. It promotes body acceptance, age acceptance, camaraderie, freedom, and increased self confidence 

  • It IS a very LIBERATING experience!   


"My biggest fear the first time was walking around with an erection. I had this idea that I would die of embarrassment. I walked around the grounds clothed when I first arrived, and I met some really great guys. The guys I met said Listen, when you feel comfortable, take your clothes off and visit the pool and have fun. It goes to say my fears were gone, and I headed for the pool with just my towel. Everyone was so friendly. I had the best week of my life and I have no problems or fears anymore."

"The first time I attended an IMEN Gathering, I thought I might not be "attractive enough" to walk around naked in front of hundreds of men. Of course I discovered that the "hard bodies" were the "minority". It was much easier for me to strip away my fears along with my clothes as I interacted with other naked men. I no longer "fear" social nudity and I really have my boyfriend to thank for that. He was not a first timer. During the first evening of my first IMEN Gathering, he was so patient and understanding. I soon overcame my fear of even LOOKING at others around me. At first I looked everywhere EXCEPT at the guys, afraid that they might think I was "staring" and being rude. But by observing others , I soon learned that I was among people who were there for the sheer natural pleasure that comes from being unclothed and unrestricted. IMEN rocks!"