Housing quarters are dormitory type group cabins. Cabin construction is wood. Most, but not all have
attached balconies or porches. The windows are screened,  no curtains. They are unheated except 
by "Mother Nature".  There are small camp-sized shelving units where you may hang a few clothes, 
with open shelving for personal items. There is electricity for your fans, radios, electric razors, etc.  
For your own convenience, you may want to bring an extension cord or two.  Cabin sizes vary greatly, 
some hold as few as 8-10 persons, while others sleep many more.  Be advised that there are no locks 
on the cabins, so secure your valuables by whatever method best suits you. It's best to leave temptation at home!  It is your responsibility to keep your cabin clean - this means place your trash in the designated containers, sweep your floors, mop your bathroom and wipe out the sinks.  No maid room service is available at camp.  The camp personnel do a good job of making sure everything is clean when we arrive. It's our job to leave them as clean or even more clean when we leave. If you are a light sleeper, you may wish to bring a set of ear plugs in case someone in your cabin snores.  Oops!  It wouldn't be you would it?  Some guys bring along a Betty White sleep mask just in case room lights or morning sunlight disturbs or bothers them.  If anything in your cabin is not working properly, simply notify any IMEN Board member and/or the camp groundskeeper to attend 
to the problem for you.


One hundred sixty acres of beautiful natural woods and fields await you at the gathering site. The open areas can accommodate thousands of campers, providing plenty of space for your group, whatever it's size, from fifty to thousands.  There are no assigned campsites, so if you find a place that you like, you can put your tent down and settle in.  The advantage of this is that you stay in whatever environment suits you best; a small grove, meadow, field, or back in the woods.  While we allow camping almost anywhere on site, in order to ensure the safety of all present and to preserve the beauty of these natural surroundings, we must limit campfires to only designated sites.  Those wishing to camp will be assigned a cabin in which they may shower and use the toilet. Note, there is no electricity available for the campsites.



The cabins are furnished with twin-sized TempurPedic mattresses. You will need to bring your own
bed linens and blankets. While the days are often very warm, late night can be quite cool.





Each cabin has a number of single-user shower stalls available. You will need to bring your own 
towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc



The cabins are equipped with indoor toilets. The camp furnishes toilet paper.


Most, but not all cabins have porches and/or balconies. There are typically a bench or two on them,
but you may wish to bring a folding chair to make yourself more comfortable.