About IMEN...


You must be at least 21 years of age and become a member of IMEN before receiving or having  access to the
Members Only features of the website.

'Members Only' includes access to:      

  •  Our website  with:
    • Individual Profiles
    • Individual photo gallery
    • Online directory
    • Social Community Wall
    • Electronic membership joining/renewal
    • Electronic gathering registration
    • Listings of gay and gay friendly naturist clubs
    • Forums          
    • Photo Albums from prior gatherings           
    • Businesses that support naturists/naturism
    • Gathering Updates   
    • The Naked I.Q. Quarterly Newsletter, which contains        
      • Gathering planning updates
      • Articles of interest to gay naturists/nudists           
      • Information about nude beaches, resorts, campgrounds, and businesses           
      • Prior gathering memoirs
      • Listings of IMEN sponsors    
  • Membership Directory
    • Online Directory 


  • $30 w/Electronic communication
  • $40 w/ Mail communication (all memberships are individual)

If you join w/Electronic communication, you will receive all IMEN communication via email related to your individual membership matters, in addition to all IMEN mass information notices - commonly known as e-blasts.  You will access Directories and Newsletters via the IMEN website.

If you join w/Mail communication and provide an email address as part of your membership info, IMEN will communicate with you regarding individual membership matters via email, but, your Newsletters and Directories will be mailed as soon as possible after publication to the address on record.

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