IMEN is a volunteer organization, and as such we depend heavily upon the special skills and talents of our members. We have room for you in all areas of our organization.  When it comes to our quarterly newsletter (The Naked I.Q.), we could use items you think might be of interest to your fellow members:
  • Naturist articles that you find on the web
  • Stories that you'd like to write for the board to review and possibly post into the Naked I.Q. 
  • Photos from the past gathering
  • Special naked photos from your local group
  • Naked self photos
  • Offering your PROFESSIONAL Services at a reduced rate or free to our other members
  • Anything else you can think of!
We are always looking for volunteers to help make each and every gathering successful.  Each of you should remember that the IMEN Gathering is YOUR gathering!  To make each year a fun event for all, we need as many people to participate as possible.  Some areas in which we could use volunteers would be:
  • Decorating the disco barn
  • Decorating the Pavilion
  • Decorating the Rec Hall
  • Filling beverage coolers
  • Helping to prepare for activities on the gathering program
  • Helping set-up Happy Hours
  • Conducting discussions or workshops
  • Sending some ideas for activities you think would be fun to do at the gathering
  • Sending in some titles for great movies you'd like to see at the gathering
  • Anything else you can think of that would help make the gathering another success!
Contact us today and let us know if you want to volunteer your services.


Most of you belong to local naturist groups in our area.  We ask our members to spread the word about our IMEN Gathering to others who don't know about us or have never attended.  We need to bring in as many new members as possible.  When you attend local functions, let everyone know that they can log onto our website to read about us.  Show them your gathering program and photos from the prior year(s).  Show them your copy of the Naked I.Q.  If you need brochures or handouts, please contact us.

If you know of naturist or gay hotels or Bed & Breakfast places in your area, please send us their contact information.  We try to get as many sponsors as we possibly can.  These sponsors usually donate items or free-stays that we can raffle-off at the gathering, in exchange for advertising on our website and in the newsletter.  These local places might seem ordinary to those living in the area, but they're a great vacation to others living in other states or other countries!  The raffle helps us keep the cost of our gathering as low as possible.  If you need more information about this, please contact us.